Jungle Ruins

3D Mobile Game Environment for Unity

Project description

I wanted to create a game environment that would include many components within the environment, to demonstrate my skills and knowledge; this involves: making light maps; based on interior and exterior lighting, optimised models, textures and relevant links with the game’s storyline. I have chosen Jungle Ruins theme environment because this covers my design intentions and initial outcomes; foliage, in-depth detail of the exterior and interiors, also manipulating textures to make the environment achieve the style I intend for my game. I considered using a variety of jungle ruin’s objects and characteristics originating from the historic period of Mexico - Inca, Aztecs and Maya to incorporate into a storyline to connect in line with my proposed environment ideas.

This was my first game environment made, but I have improved a lot since this project. I was working with Fuzzy Frog, a company based in Nottingham that makes mobile games and apps. I spent a week there in work experience and thanks to these guys, I have learnt a lot and set myself up for this future career path as a game environmenalist designer.

Programs used

  • Unity
  • Lightwave 3D
  • Adobe Photoshop

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